Exploring the Signaling Dynamics of EGFR

Exploring the Signaling Dynamics of EGFR

Jacqueline Gerritsen

MIT Department of Biological Engineering, Koch Institute at MIT

This image shows three cells that are expressing EGFR, a protein that is dysregulated in many different cancers. By tagging this protein with a green fluorescent tag, we are able to follow this protein’s location in the cell at different stages of the cell cycle. Here, it is mainly located around the edge of the cells as they are most bright green. In addition, it shows one cell that is migrating using its filapodia, a process that heavily involves this protein.

We aim to construct a model of the signaling dynamics of EGFR to design novel therapies and improve clinical outcome. Live cell imaging allows us to capture the dynamics of different cellular phenotypes in one image and follow components as they move through the cell.

cells tagged with green fluorescent protein (GFP)

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