Koch Institute Image Awards Archive

Journey Through the Mind’s Maze: Nanoparticles Targeting Brain Cancer

Andrew Pickering, Paula Hammond

Koch Institute at MIT, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering

The Color of Truth: Cellular Dynamics in Intact Tissue

Kunzan Liu, Tong Qiu, Jiashu Han, Eva Lendaro, Manuel Levy, Ellen Kan, Keith Isaacson, Fan Wang, Linda Griffith, Sixian You

Research Laboratory of Electronics

Meeting at the Cellular Interface: CAR-T Cell Versus B cell Cancers

Keith P. Eidell, Aslı Gökdemir, Michael T. Hemann

Koch Institute at MIT

Fibrotic Midnight Dragon

William J. Jeang, Bryan M. Wong, Alexis L. Jiang, Robert S. Langer, Daniel G. Anderson

Koch Institute at MIT

Studying Patient Brain Cells in a Dish: Hope for Neurological Diseases 

Michael D. Gallagher, Rudolf Jaenisch

Koch Institute at MIT, MIT Department of Biology, Whitehead Institute

Magnifying Mucus: A Sticky Situation

Corey A. Stevens, Luc E. Picard, Chris Viets, Abigail Lytton-Jean, David Mankus, Angela Belcher

Koch Institute at MIT, MIT Department of Biological Engineering

Whispers in the Soil: An Illuminating Dialogue Between Engineered Plants and Bacteria

Alice Boo, Tyler Toth, Qiguo Yu, Alexander Pfotenhauer, Brandon D. Fields, Scott Lenaghan, Neal Stewart, Christopher A. Voigt

MIT Department of Biological Engineering

The Golden Monument: New Heights for Global Health

Jooli Han, Linzixuan (Rhoda) Zhang, Ana Jaklenec, Robert S. Langer

Koch Institute at MIT

Enter the Dragon: A Fiery, Immunogenic Death for Cancer

Padmini S. Pillai, Ege G. Onal, Jamie O. Webster, Robert S. Langer

Koch Institute at MIT, Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine

Crystal Mosaic: Long-Acting Therapeutic Implants through a Single Injection

Benjamin Muller, Caroline Dial, Vivian Feig, Savannah Jinhee Kim, Sanghyun Park, Ashka Patel, Pier Giuseppe Rivano, Giovanni Traverso

Koch Institute at MIT