Electron Mirror Beneath a Copper Grid 3

Electron Mirror Beneath a Copper Grid 3

Navid Abedzadeh

Research Laboratory of Electronics

This is a scanning electron micrograph of a micron-sized copper grid (foreground) and its distorted and demagnified reflection (background) through a concave electron mirror. As a part of my research into means of achieving nanometer-resolution images of biological samples while reducing beam-induced damage, I design and construct electron mirrors inside a scanning electron microscope.

This image is the result of a proof-of-principle experiment, demonstrating the operation of a tetrode electron mirror inside a conventional scanning electron microscope. This achievement was the first step in the pursuit of the larger goal which is the construction of a quantum electron microscope, a tool proposed to allow nanometer-scale imaging of biological sample such as proteins while significantly reducing beam-induced damage.

reflection and distortion of a grid by a concave mirror

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