Zebrafish Align for Imaging 2

Zebrafish Align for Imaging 2

David Benjamin

MIT Department of Biology, Koch Institute at MIT

Metastasis is a complex process that often requires the use of animal models to study. Often this is a mouse, which due to cost often means only a handful of individual animals can be used in an experiment. With zebrafish embryos, I can use a complex, vertebrate organism, yet have a scale of experiments that would be impossible in other systems.

These images demonstrate how I can image large numbers of zebrafish embryos in a single experiment. These fish are only 9 out of the 96 that were in this single plate during this experiment. These images come from an endpoint experiment where I am testing if the over-expression of certain genes leads to more brain metastasis. By using large numbers of animals, I can increase the confidence of any result I observe.

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