A Fibroblast Reaches Out, Version #2

A Fibroblast Reaches Out, Version #2

Submitted by Michele Balsamo of the Gertler Laboratory at the Koch Institute

MIT Department of Biology, Koch Institute at MIT

Michele Balsamo
Gertler Laboratory, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT
Super Resolution Micrograph

"This image shows a lamellipodium (flat protrusion) of a fibroblast, expressing EGFP-Mena (green) and stained for Filamentous actin (red) to visualize the cytoskeleton. Mena localizes to the tip of the lamellipodium, where actin polymerization occurs.  These lamellipodia are very dynamic.  You can also see big plaques full of Mena inside the lamellipodium. These are focal adhesions or contacts that are needed for the cell to stick to other surfaces."

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