Protein Localization in a Cancer Cell, Image 1

Protein Localization in a Cancer Cell, Image 1

Submitted by Shannon K. Hughes-Alford at the Koch Institute

MIT Department of Biology, Koch Institute at MIT

Shannon K. Hughes-Alford
Hynes Laboratory, Koch Institute
Super-resolution Microscopy

"This is a breast cancer cell stimulated with a migration-promoting factor. The image was taken to study the localization of a metastasis-promoting protein. We were trying to determine if different isoforms of this protein localize differently within the cell.

By tracking where our protein of interest, MenaINV, is located within the cell we can determine if the metastasis-promoting effects of MenaINV expression are compartmentalized. In other words, by having a high resolution picture of where the protein is localized, we can make better decisions on what potential interacting proteins may play a role in the MenaINV-induced phenotype."

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