Reconstructions of Met18 Protein Structures

Reconstructions of Met18 Protein Structures

Sheena Vasquez, Melissa D. Marquez, Edward J. Brignole, Amanda Vo, Sunnie Kong, Chris Park, Deborah L. Perlstein, and Catherine L. Drennan

MIT Department of Biology, MIT Department of Chemistry

This image contains reconstructions of what the structure of Met18 protein particles looks like after data processing. Each panel in both figures represents a different orientation of the protein complex, showing how the complex looks, which can help us understand its function better.

I took these images to understand the structure of Met18 on its own to better understand its function and regulation in the Cytosolic Iron-sulfur cluster Assembly (CIA) pathway. Along with proteins Cia1 and Cia2, Met18 forms the CIA targeting complex (CTC), which transfers a mature iron-sulfur cluster to cytosolic and nuclear client proteins.

a four by six grid of repeated protein structures with various colors

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