Biodegradable Dressings for Wound-Healing 2

Biodegradable Dressings for Wound-Healing 2

Adam G Berger, Sasan Jalili, Mariss N Haddad, Paula T Hammond

Koch Institute at MIT, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies

The controlled, localized delivery of a wide range of drugs (small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids) can be critical for a therapeutic’s effects but can also pose many technical challenges. We were particularly interested in loading therapies onto a biodegradable scaffold that could be placed directly on a slow-healing wound to speed healing. To do this, we assembled species of opposite charges -including our therapy - into a thin coating on biodegradable dressings. The left side of this image is the uncoated dressing, while the right side shows the coated dressing.

web of fibers, thread-like on the left, solid on the right

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