Nutrient Galaxy: Novel Materials to Fortify Foods

Nutrient Galaxy: Novel Materials to Fortify Foods

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Linzixuan (Rhoda) Zhang, David Mankus, Dhruv Varshney, Ruiqing Xiao, Shahad Alsaiari, Abigail Lytton- Jean, Robert Langer, Ana Jaklenec

Koch Institute at MIT

To combat global micronutrient deficiency crises, the Jaklenec and Langer Labs develop novel materials that protect fragile nutrients under harsh cooking and storage conditions. The microparticles seen here are made of biodegradable polymers that dissolve in the stomach to release encapsulated vitamins and minerals.

An electron microscope reveals the number, size, distribution, and surfaces of the particles, with colors added for artistic effect. Informed by images like these, the researchers aim to improve consistency in the encapsulation process.

colorful spheres on a mottled black background


Rhoda Zhang shares the story behind her team's award-winning image.

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