Improving Therapeutic Response to Lung Cancer

Improving Therapeutic Response to Lung Cancer

Megan L. Burger, Cecily C. Ritch, Giorgio Gaglia

Koch Institute at MIT, Harvard Medical School

This image depicts the immune response against multiple tumor lesions in the lung of a mouse. We use this mouse model of cancer to better understand how we can improve the immune response to tumors therapeutically. In this study, we found that a therapeutic vaccine targeting certain proteins in the cancer cells drove a strong immune response against the tumors. We observed greater numbers of killer T cells (marked by magenta and orange) inside the tumors (round circles) and these cells significantly shrank the tumors. These findings identify a new vaccine approach to treating cancer that could be trialed in human patients.

Markers: tumor (Nkx2.1, blue), CD8 T cells (magenta), Ki-67 (proliferation, orange), vasculature (α-SMA, white)

stained cells cluster within lung tissue

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