Tumor Localization of Alum-Anchored Cancer Drugs 4

Tumor Localization of Alum-Anchored Cancer Drugs 4

Yash Agarwal, Jason Y.H. Chang

Koch Institute at MIT

Our work focuses on improving the persistence of protein-based cancer therapeutics in tumors using the FDA-approved vaccine adjuvant (alum). The images all depict the distribution and retention of drug-loaded alum particles delivered intratumorally to the tumor after treatment for two distinct immunostimulatory cytokines therapy – Interleukin-2 (IL-2) and Interleukin-12 (IL-12). Current immunocytokine therapeutic approaches have poor retention properties, which leads to instant leakage from the tumor into systemic circulation. This leads to adverse effects and toxicity issues for patients. Our strategy of loading the cytokines to alum helps promote sustained delivery and better spatial distribution of the cytokines to promote T cell activation within the tumor and preventing leakage and systemic toxicity. These images were taken to illustrate the in vivo pharmacokinetics and intratumoral distribution of alum-tethered cytokine therapy (with IL-2 and IL-12). 

pink and yellow molecules in a grey tumor

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