Probing the Interplay Between Transcription and Splicing 3

Probing the Interplay Between Transcription and Splicing 3

Ana Fiszbein

MIT Department of Biology, Koch Institute at MIT

I am interested in the interplay between transcription and splicing. In this project, I am studying if the alternative promoters of one human gene, with three different structures, can have different impacts in the alternative splicing patterns of the dual reporter.

The image shows the nucleus of more than ten cells. The chromatin inside each nucleus is shown in blue. Some cells were transfected with a small DNA expressing a fluorescent reporter in which each of two gene expression pathways expresses different fluorescent proteins. Proteins expressed from this small DNA can be green or red depending on the expression pattern in each cell. Green cells express one expression pathway while red cells express the other. Every color in the middle represent a cell with different proportion of the gene expression pathways.

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