Hashtag No Filter: Visualizing Breast Cancer Conversations

Hashtag No Filter: Visualizing Breast Cancer Conversations

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2017 Award Winner

Eric Clarke, Richard Arnett, Jane Burns
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland/Wellcome Images

Eight weeks. 92,915 tweets. One hashtag. Users are nodes and the relationships between them are lines.

This image literally visualizes conversations around breast cancer, and the network of connected cancer patients and their loved ones, patient advocates, oncologists and other health care professionals, as well as cancer researchers. #breastcancer joins these diverse stakeholders together in one conversation and puts everyone on the same page, erasing societal boundaries to share knowledge and support in real time.

This image appears in the Koch Institute Public Galleries as part of a partnership between the Koch Institute and Wellcome Images, a London-based world leader in the collection of biomedical images. To learn more about Wellcome Images, visit their website.

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