Pushing Boundaries: Ovarian Cancer Hides in Plain Sight

Pushing Boundaries: Ovarian Cancer Hides in Plain Sight

Collections: Image Award Winners, Metastasis

2017 Award Winner

Erik C. Dreaden, Yi Wen Kong, Michael Yaffe, Paula T. Hammond

Koch Institute at MIT

Persistence is key. Here, an ovarian tumor clings to the abdominal wall, slowly breaking through the tissue boundaries that block its metastatic spread. The tissues here were stained with a molecule that binds to cells that are rapidly growing and multiplying (colored white).

Just as tenacious as these proliferating cells, however, are the researchers who study it. The Hammond and Yaffe Labs are working together to better understand and exploit the genetic weaknesses of these tumors in various disease models, and soon will test their response to experimental treatments, unlocking new avenues for investigation and intervention.


Erik Dreaden shares the story and science behind his award-winning image. You can also watch the presentation from the exhibition opening event on March 23, 2017 here.

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