Robotically Assembled Layer-by-Layer Thin Films

Robotically Assembled Layer-by-Layer Thin Films

Submitted by Ana Jaklenec of the Langer Laboratory at the Koch Institute

Koch Institute at MIT, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering

Ana Jaklenec
Langer Laboratory, Koch Institute

"I’m developing a high-throughput process that can generate various types of thin films in a 96-well format.  This platform would allow for optimized downstream processing, for example evaluating film properties for more efficient stem cell differentiation or for the development of cytotoxic materials for cancer therapies.   This image shows the growth (in thickness) of films over time fabricated using an automated robotic liquid handling system (Tecan).   Across the image, the films increase from 10 layers to 120 layers.  This corresponds to thicknesses of 10 angstrom to 1 micrometer, respectively."

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