Nylon Filters Interacting with Liquid, Version #1

Nylon Filters Interacting with Liquid, Version #1

Submitted by William Grover of the Manalis Lab at the Koch Institute

MIT Department of Biological Engineering, Koch Institute at MIT

William Grover
Manalis Lab, Koch Institute
Light Micrograph

"I was curious to see how the filter would “wet” and fill with the liquid.  Micron-scale features interact with liquids in unexpected ways.  These interactions can have very interesting real-world applications.

As a researcher in microfluidics, I’m always interested in novel ways to manipulate very small (nanoliter or femtoliter) volumes of fluid.  For example, the millions of tiny holes in these filters are sized to each hold a single human cell.  The resulting array of millions of cells could have interesting applications as a research or diagnostic tool."

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