The Color of Truth: Cellular Dynamics in Intact Tissue

The Color of Truth: Cellular Dynamics in Intact Tissue

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2024 Award Winner

Kunzan Liu, Tong Qiu, Jiashu Han, Eva Lendaro, Manuel Levy, Ellen Kan, Keith Isaacson, Fan Wang, Linda Griffith, Sixian You

Research Laboratory of Electronics

Part of a study on neuropathic pain, this image depicts the rich microenvironment of an unprocessed intact mouse whisker pad. From the collagen capsule (green), comprising the follicle with muscles (yellow) supporting it, to adipocytes (purple), stromal cells, and immune cells, all the cell types that create this complex microenvironment are shown.  

Understanding biological complexity requires minimally disruptive imaging tools that provide multiplexed molecular contrasts, such as this non-invasive, label-free microscopy approach being developed by the You Lab to visualize biosystems.

Whirls of green, gold, black and magenta that resemble a close-up view of a butterfly wing


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