The Golden Monument: New Heights for Global Health

The Golden Monument: New Heights for Global Health

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2024 Award Winner

Jooli Han, Linzixuan (Rhoda) Zhang, Ana Jaklenec, Robert S. Langer

Koch Institute at MIT

Jaklenec and Langer Lab technologies can administer multiple vaccine doses with a single injection, eliminating the need for follow-up boosters. This is crucial in developing countries where up to 35% of children receive incomplete vaccinations.

Pictured is a dissolvable needle (blue) designed to deliver two mRNA vaccine doses: the first dose (pink) releases from the needle tip upon administration, and the second (gold) is encapsulated in a slow-degrading polymer and released one month later for programmed vaccine delivery. 

A glowing column with a gradient of pink to yellow to cyan mounted on a triangular indigo base

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