The Undiscovered Continent 2

The Undiscovered Continent 2

George Eng, Liang Hao, Jon Braverman, Vincent Butty

Koch Institute at MIT

The image shows a hematoxalin and eosin stained metastatic colon cancer as it invades and grows in the liver on the left. On the right it shows spatial transcriptomics, or what “programs” or instructions that each of the cells are carrying out at the time we took this section. The hexagonal cells are the areas which we performed analysis using a new technology called spatial transcriptomics. We found a few genes which highlight the tumor cells in comparison to the surrounding liver tissue.  We wanted to use our advanced tumor models using organoids, with spatial transcriptomics to find gene expression signatures that are associated with invasive and growing tumors.

Green and brown colored craggy shape resembling an island or continent..

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