Illustrating the Analysis of Cancers of Unknown Primaries

Illustrating the Analysis of Cancers of Unknown Primaries

Enrico Moiso (scientist) and Bianca Dunn (illustrator)
Garg & Sharp Laboratories

Koch Institute at MIT

This image contains two elements taken for the journal’s article Moiso E. et al. 2022:

- The circles represents an abstraction of the radar charts I used to summarize the information resulted from the systematic comparison between the information contained in genes active during the developing mammals and the information contained in the genes active in human tumors

- The lines in the background are an abstraction of the Sankey diagram I used to represent the connections between the human tumors labels and the one predicted by my AI classifier.

The colors choice was performed by the artist Bianca Dunn. 

This image summarizes two key steps of my analysis: results of the comparison between development genes and cancer genes I quantified the similarities between the two processes. This created a new set of information that I used to develop a classifier to help pathologist with the diagnosis of a subset of cancers known as cancers on unknown primary.

blue, pink, and green wheels of spoked data against a black background, streaked with gradients of various thicknesses

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