Novel Materials to Fortify Foods 1

Novel Materials to Fortify Foods 1

Linzixuan (Rhoda) Zhang, David Mankus, Dhruv Varshney, Ruiqing Xiao, Shahad Alsaiari, Abigail Lytton- Jean, Robert Langer, Ana Jaklenec

Koch Institute at MIT

The subject of the images is the microparticles fabricated by a novel, biodegradable natural product-based polymer material. 

To combat worldwide micronutrient deficiency, we want to use such a microparticle-based nutrient delivery platform to stabilize micronutrients under harsh cooking conditions, such as water boiling. Information from this image can contribute from two aspects. First, low porosity and stable structure are essential to protection efficiency for the encapsulated micronutrient. Second, characterization on size distribution will help with future scaleup fabrication for commercialization.

fluorescently colored spheres in pale shades of blue and green

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