Controlled Release from Polymer Microparticles 2

Controlled Release from Polymer Microparticles 2

Zach Tochka, John Daristotle, Nandita Menon and Xueguang Lu

Koch Institute at MIT

This image is taken from a frame of a video allowing for real-time monitoring of our fillable polymer microparticles (FPM). Two conditions were tested in this image (in an alternating format of condition A, condition B, condition A etc.) to demonstrate the varying release times of these FPMs depending on the contents inside of the core.

The goal of our FPM project is to provide a platform for single injection delivery of a multi-dose vaccine regimen. This is done by mimicking the release kinetics of one or several booster shots over time with our FPMs that are able to burst release at various timepoints depending on particle material and core contents. An inherent challenge for these controlled release systems is controlling the micro-climate inside of the core, including pH and water infiltration. By visualizing the core, the micro-climate can be studied which will allow us an opportunity to tune different parameters of the FPMs to achieve optimal conditions for release. 

blue bubbles emerging from a clear rectangular capsule

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