Coated Sutures for Localized Drug Delivery 2

Coated Sutures for Localized Drug Delivery 2

Adam G Berger, Sasan Jalili, Jonathan J Chou, Paula T Hammond

Koch Institute at MIT, Institute of Medical Engineering and Science

The controlled, localized delivery of a wide range of drugs (small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids) can be critical for a therapeutic’s effects but can also pose many technical challenges. We were particularly interested in delivering gene therapy to localized tissues, such for use in cancer treatment, wound healing therapy, or regenerative medicine. To do so, we engineered controlled release coatings containing our gene therapy directly on commercial sutures. The image here shows how the smooth coating conforms to the braided suture upon which it is deposited.

a cord of bundled fibers, colored yellow, woven together with other cords, colored pink and purple

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