How Does DNA Regulate Cell Division? 2

How Does DNA Regulate Cell Division? 2

Luke Funk, Kuan-Chung Su, Iain Cheeseman, Paul Blainey

MIT Department of Biological Engineering, Koch Institute at MIT, Broad Institute

This is a composite image from the same dataset in image 1, here extracting cells in mitosis from many different images and combining them into a single “montage.” This demonstrates the variety of defects observed in mitosis in this dataset, as well as the scale of the dataset. For thousands of different gene knockouts, hundreds of mitotic cells were identified and analyzed.

Overall, we are trying understand the full set of genes involved in cell division and mitotic regulation. These processes go awry in a variety of human diseases, in particular many types of cancer. Better understanding the molecular players in these processes will hopefully enable increased understanding of oncogenesis and potentially identify new therapeutic targets.

grid of 9,000 pink- and green-stained images of cells dividing, with fluorescent dots by each cell

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