Cancer Cells Assemble a Network

Cancer Cells Assemble a Network

Submitted by Tsukasa Shibue in the Weinberg Laboratory at the Whitehead Institute

Whitehead Institute, MIT Department of Biology, Koch Institute at MIT

Tsukasa Shibue
Weinberg Laboratory, Whitehead Institute
Deconvolution Microscopy

"I am studying the ability of cancer cells to remodel the extracellular matrix and thereby to interact productively with this matrix under various conditions of culture. Aggressive mouse mammary carcinoma cells (D2A1) were grown on a cover glass. Fibronectin (red) present in the extracellular space are found to be assembled into a fibrillar network. The nuclei of these cells were visualized by DAPI (white). This image indicated that the D2A1 cells can assembler the fibrillar network of fibronectin when grown as a monolayer on a cover glass."

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