Delivery of Vaccine-Containing Particles to the Skin

Delivery of Vaccine-Containing Particles to the Skin

Submitted by Peter DeMuth of the Hammond and Irvine Labs at the Koch Institute

MIT Department of Biological Engineering, MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Koch Institute at MIT, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering

Peter DeMuth
Hammond and Irvine Labs, Koch Institute
Confocal Micrograph

"The image shows delivery of vesicular vaccine-containing nanoparticles (blue) to mouse skin, colocalizing with antigen presenting dendritic cells (APCs-green).  These nanoparticles have recently been shown to have significant potency for generation of cell- and antibody-base immunity.  The image was intended to show the delivery of vaccine-containing particles to APCs, as this is the first step for generation of vaccine-mediated immunity.

This image is representative of a series of steps in the validation of this materials system as a potent platform for immunization.  Demonstrating delivery, and subsequent interaction of these materials to the immune cell populations of interest is an important piece of evidence for understanding of the mechanism by which these materials generate such powerful immunity."


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